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Therapeutic Thai Massage, Reflexology, and Workplace Wellness Services in Tokyo, Japan

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Treatments • Therapist Training Courses • Workplace Wellness Services

Offered by a certified Thai massage therapist and instructor

• in the comfort of your chosen location (mobile service) within Tokyo 23 wards

• at the Thai Massage Salon in Nishi-eifuku (Tokyo, Suginami-ku)

Safe and ethical • Meditative atmosphere • Deep energy release • Stress reduction • Relief for common orthopedic complaints • Joint mobilization • Acupressure • Dynamic stretching

Thai massage (full-body or foot treatment) is not only an indulgence but a way to stay healthy. The therapist works in a meditative state of mind with utmost respect toward the client and honouring the essential healing principles of loving kindness and good will.

In addition to inducing profound relaxation, Thai massage reaches deep into the layers of trapped energy and thus alleviates or completely eliminates various undesired conditions and symptoms caused by a hectic way of life, worry, anxiety, stress, physical strain on the body, hormonal imbalance or various orthopedic ailments. The movement of energy is balanced throughout the whole body-mind complex.

There are wonderful benefits for clients with health complaints as well as for those who are totally fit and healthy.

The type of bodywork that I offer is known in certain Western circles as Thai yoga massage or Thai yoga therapy (nuat phaen boran, nuat thai, nuad bo rarn or other more or less accurate transliterations) and includes elements of rarely taught ancient procedural Thai acupressure (nuad kod jud) as well as elements of TCM. It is not to be confused with back rubs or body care.

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Be healthy and happy!

※ Thai massage is never intended to be a replacement for professional medical care if you are suffering from a severe illness/condition or have recently had a physical accident. However, it can be a very efficient and helpful addition to your medical treatment if your doctor confirms that there are no contraindications as regards receiving Thai massage (e.g. recent surgery or recent organ transplant).

[Last updated: November 2019]

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Powerful but light after effects, no aches. Sebastian can hear your muscles and body tissue. Listens to you, too! Totally professional and a kind Sensei.
Akagi K., Tokyo
坐骨神経痛があり、施術を受けました。4回ほどです。 自分で触ってもわかるほど腰からハムストリングスが柔らかくなって、痺れも無くなっていきました。 私のような症状だけでなく全身をリラックスさせたい方にもピッタリだと思います!
Naoko Soma, owner of a remedial therapy clinic in Tokyo
会社の福利厚生の一環でお願いしましたが、リラックスしてマッサージを受けられるよう準備に色々と気配りをしてもらいました。マッサージが初めての社員もいたので安心できたようです。また、必要なものは一通り準備していただいたので、こちらは場所を用意するだけでよく、とても楽でした。 施術後は関節と筋肉のこわばりが消えてスムーズに動けるようになりスッキリした気分になりました!
Takao Tanaka, Solution Architect, RWS Moravia Tokyo
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